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Northview Company

Building a beautiful, easy to maintain Webflow site for a Dallas-based real estate firm.

ClientNorthview Company
ContributionWeb design, development, hosting
Duration7 weeks
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Northview Company, established in 2022, is a Dallas-based commercial real estate firm known for its boutique approach and high level of customer service.

When Ryan Smith, co-founder and managing partner, approached me, the firm's website on WordPress was proving difficult to maintain and did not effectively represent the brand's identity.


The primary issue was the WordPress site's maintenance difficulties and its failure to align with the emerging brand image of The Northview Company.

This disconnect was a significant concern for Ryan, who aimed to establish a strong, cohesive brand presence online.


My approach included:

  1. Understanding Client Needs: Identifying what The Northview Company liked and disliked about their old site, understanding their target market, company voice, and website objectives.

  2. Rebuilding with Webflow: Deciding to rebuild the website from scratch using Webflow, tailoring the design to suit the modern web.

  3. Design Process: Creating a style guide and components, with the final design incorporating The Northview Company's brand colors and style.

  4. Developing an Easily Editable Site: Utilizing Webflow's CMS features to ensure ease of future updates and maintenance by The Northview Company.


The outcome was a modern, easy-to-maintain website that accurately reflects The Northview Company's brand and meets their specific business needs.


The project was a success, transforming an outdated WordPress site into a sleek, brand-aligned Webflow site. It highlights Steelman Digital's ability to deliver tailored web solutions that resonate with clients' branding and operational needs.

Ryan Smith praised the collaboration: "Jake is an incredible web designer and was a great partner in helping bring my vision to life. He is extremely professional and turned around all edits very quickly. The final result was better than I imagined. I highly recommend Steelman Digital for all of your web designing needs."